High Performance Computing Center

In an effort to advance research and provide premium computing services to researchers throughout the university, KFUPM introduced a highly specialized center for High Performance Computing (HPC). The center serves as a central gateway to the high performance computing resources of the university. The center with its recently acquired IBM cluster system enables interdisciplinary research as well as research in individual disciplines and will support users with the best possible computing infrastructure to carry out their research.

IBM e-server

Through this site, faculty researchers can view the systems and services available to perform their research, open accounts for access to these computational resources and obtain service and support to successfully and smoothly carry out their projects. The HPC project strengthens the position of KFUPM as a leader, not only in deploying high-tech infrastructure, but also in advancing it for scientific and engineering applications.

HPC Facilities

HPC Facilities

Center for HPC houses a high-end IBM e-Server with 128 compute nodes. Each compute node is dual processor with each processor being a quad-core totaling a massive 1024-core cluster system. The HPC at KFUPM offers a variety of applications and codes that are installed on the cluster.

HPC Collaboration

HPC Support

Center for HPC collaborates with several university departments to cater to their computing needs. Presently, the center is providing facilities to the researchers in the disciplines of Chemistry, Physics & Mechanical Engineering.