steps to submit Mathematica Job on HPC

Step 1: Download and install WINSCP to transfer job files for execution and download results later.

Then start WINSCP client and type hostname as "", port as 22 and enter your hpc credentials.

Step 2: Now you can transfer files from your local PC to HPC server as shown below:

NOTE: Saving graphical output is somewhat trickier. To illustrate the simplest approach, here is a sample Mathematica job:

Four additional files (sc.m, abc1.m, abc2.m & abc3.m) are created when running this program. These can be subsequently converted to plots on a local copy of Mathematica (on your laptop, for example), assuming this is available.

Step 3: Once done Navigate to HPC portal through browser (iexplorer is preferred) using link below and login with HPC credentials:

Step 4:
Once logged in, from the Jobs section select new and navigate to Mathematica as below:

Step 5:
Fill in the job submission form as below, In command to run type: math < file_name.m eg. test.m. The suffix ".m" is included in the command file name. This submits a batch job taking input from the file test.m, and placing text output in mathematica.out. Them Select respective file from the server that was uploaded & whose name has been specified in Command to run, give a Job name and submit the job.

If you have issues in selecting Local file or server file check for blocked plug-ins as below:

Step 6: After selecting the file, submit the job and close the window:

Step 7:
Check for status of the job in the Job pane window (by refreshing the page) as below:

Step 8:
Once the Job is completed we can download the files from pane below, selecting respective job:

Download log.out to analyze output of the program. If Download button is not working you can use winscp to download files.