steps to submit a MATLAB job on HPC

Step 1: Navigate to HPC portal through browser (iexplorer is preferred) using link below and login with your HPC credentials:

Step 2:
Once logged in, from the Jobs section select new and navigate to Matlab as below:

Step 3:
Fill in the job submission form as below, with Job name, Number of CPUs, Queue Type, and Matlab log file name:

If you have issues in selecting Local file or server file check for blocked plug-ins as below:

Step 4: Browse on your Computer/Server & Select respective file:

NOTE: If you have multiple files, then define a file called startup.m and Move all your working directory files into a folder as following and call the main program through this file with commands shown below:

>> addpath {folder-name}
>> mainprogram

Then select multiple files & folder one by one or simultaneously by pressing Ctrl + click on files you want to select:

Step 5:
After selecting the file, submit the job and close the window:

Step 6:
Check for status of the job in the Job pane window (by refreshing the page) as below:

Step 7:
Once the Job is completed we can download the files from pane below, selecting respective job:

The files output.username.txt & job_name.log gives you the output of command window.

Before running your simulation on HPC, Create a Matlab file on your PC/laptop and include “save {filename}.mat” at the end of your main program so that the whole workspace is saved when your simulation completes. You can then download this work space and open it in your local PC/laptop to plot graphs, and analyze results.

Later on with command “load {filename}.mat” you can load your local PC/laptop Matlab workspace and use it to plot as below: