steps to compile and submit an MPI Job on HPC using Intel Compiler

Step 1: Download and install WINSCP to transfer job files for execution and download results later.

Then start WINSCP client and type hostname as "", port as 22 and enter your hpc credentials.

Step 2: Now you can transfer files from your local PC to HPC server as shown below:

Note: You can also choose to create an new file on the server using vi editor and write down your fortran code.

Step 3: Navigate to web-ssh login of HPC cluster through browser using link below and login with your HPC credentials:

Note: If a security prompt appears saying “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate” , select continue to the website and proceed as below

Step 4: To compile your fortran program file (input_file) that you uploaded type in following commands from the web-ssh terminal:

$ module load Intel_MPI Intel_Compiler
$ mpiifort < input_filename > -o < Compiler_output_filename >
$ ls -lrt < Compiler_output_filename > ; to check if the file has been generated

Step 5: Once done Navigate to HPC portal through browser (iexplorer is preferred) using link below and login with HPC credentials:

Step 6:
Once logged in, from the Jobs section select new and navigate to PMPI as below:

Step 7:
Fill in the job submission form as below, Select the Compiler_output_file using browse button,give a Job name and Number of CPUs:

If you have issues in selecting Local file or server file check for blocked plug-ins as below:

Step 8: (optional)Browse for any additional files to be attached that are refernced in your code - Select respective file as below:

Step 9: After selecting the file, submit the job and close the window:

Step 10:
Check for status of the job in the Job pane window (by refreshing the page) as below:

Step 11:
Once the Job is completed we can download the files from pane below, selecting respective job:

Download log.out to analyze output of the program. If Download button is not working you can use winscp to download files.