Platform HPC WEB GUI Portal

Click below to access HPC portal and use your HPC credentials to Login and submit your jobs, for help download manuals from Software section.

HPC Portal

ITC has introduced Platform HPC portal to make it easier for the users to submit, track and manage their simulations on HPC cluster. Platform HPC has robust cluster and workload management capabilities that are accessible using the latest design in web-based interfaces, making it powerful and simple to use. For applications requiring MPI, the robust, commercial MPI library accelerates and scales HPC applications for shorter time to solution. The embedded xCAT technology delivers enhanced cluster provisioning.

Platform HPC is a single product with a unified set of management capabilities that make it easy to harness the power and scalability of a technical cluster, resulting in shorter time to system readiness and increased user productivity as well as optimal throughput.

Platform HPC includes the following:
- Central Web Portal
- Cluster management
- Workload management
- Workload monitoring and reporting
- Integrated application templates for job submission

Platform HPC at KFUPM runs on the new HPC cluster that runs on latest generation of IBM System x servers, and most generic x86-based hardware.

Account Policies

  • If you have forgotten your password you can send a reset request to the HPC administrator - hpc(at)
  • No interactive or non-interactive jobs are allowed on master nodes. Any job on these nodes will be terminated without prior notice.
  • All the jobs on Linux cluster must be submitted through PHPC/LSF job scheduler. Any job submitted without using PBS job scheduler will be terminated without notice.
  • No data - not even home directories - is backed up. Please copy any data which you cannot afford to lose to your group's or department's storage on a regular basis. We make every effort to maintain the consistency and integrity of the cluster's file systems. However, it is inevitable that we will, at some point, lose data.
  • To get maximum advantage from the HPC cluster all the users are requested to schedule their jobs as recommended in user-manuals in Software section. Moreover, Users are requested to parallelize their code to benefit from multiple processors - availing them high computing speeds.