steps to submit a R-Project job on HPC

Step 1: Navigate to HPC portal through browser (iexplorer is preferred) using link below and login with your HPC credentials:

Step 2:
Once logged in, from the Jobs section select new and navigate to R-Project as below:

Step 3:
Fill in the job submission form as below, with Job name, Number of CPUs, and Queue Type:

If you have issues in selecting Local file or server file check for blocked plug-ins as below:

Step 4: Browse on your Computer/Server & Select respective file:

NOTE: To save your output in .csv format add below lines to your code as can be seen in example:

x1=c( )
for(i in 1:10000)
pwd=getwd( )
setwd (pwd)
write.csv (x1, file = "example.csv")

Step 5: After selecting the file, submit the job and close the window:

Step 6:
Check for status of the job in the Job pane window (by refreshing the page) as below:

Step 7:
Once the Job is completed we can download the files from pane below, selecting respective job:


Download R.out to analyze output of the program.